Saturday, December 3, 2011

Canon EOS Essential Photography Workshop in Miri

It was the first Essential photography workshop to be organized in Miri city by Canon Malaysia.

The workshop has 38 participants and the trainer was Rais Sanusi.

The participants was given theory class in the morning and settings about their EOS camera.

After lunch, all of them headed outside for the practical shooting session, which was on portraiture shooting.

I got 2 beautiful Mirian girls as their model for the session, Candy & Angeline.

The trainer demonstrating creative composition by including reflection.

This was the result, taken by participant named Emeer, who is still a high school student.
his shot got himself one of the best 5 shots, and was given Canon goodies bag later.

a group photo before the practical session ended..

i traveled light during this trip to Miri, did not bring any DSLR and lenses...
So i shot with Powershot A2200 digicam selling only at RM399.

These are my shots after some editing in Photoshop CS2.

I started digital photography with Nikon Coolpix digicam... so shooting with compact again isn't something new. The best thing is i do not need to carry heavy dslr backpack on my shoulder and go through all the custom checking.


  1. Franky, how u been doing my friend?
    if I want to request Canon to do a donation for a charity activity (like a camera), do I write in to you?
    I've tried wrote once, but canon refuse to donate, any suggestion?

    Wilson Chin

  2. Hi Wilson

    pls write in by email to me at

    Your request might be refused due to many reasons. I can't give you an exact answer too.