Saturday, November 5, 2011

Switch, The Spring Mall, Kuching

Switch, the Apple Premium Reseller has moved to a bigger premises in The Spring Mall, which was to previous Nokia store. Where is Nokia now btw?

little boy want his apple

it was packed with people

everyone love Apple product....

from young

to old

and the pretty one

Apple product has always been known for their classy and clean design... futuristic look, not forgetting the high performance system

the only time i used a Mac was during my time working as a designer in Pullman Kuching, with a big screen like the one above...

The Switch Kuching also organized Q&A with prizes, treasure hunt and also Fruit Ninja competition and this attracted a lot of people.

this uncle answered all the apple products available in the store

then it was the Fruit Ninja competition

boy in action.. he didn't win LOL

girl lifting up EOS in the air...

all photos taken using Canon L Lens EF 16-35 f/2.8 USM

thanks to Switch the goodies bag with iphone and ipad casing.. anyone want?

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