Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sarawak 1 - KL Post 0

Last Monday it was my first time watching a live local football match, and I thought of taking some sports actions using a telephoto lens & AI servo mode.

The crowd was very supportive of our local team and huge flow of traffic after the match ended...

KL Pos Msia defender headed the ball out to rescue their team from being a goal down

during the first half, team Sarawak played attacking football

and Sarawak scored a opener in the first half

The fans went wild & also there's a supportive percussion band playing throughout the whole full time game

During the second half KL Pos played more aggressively

KL Pos had many dangerous goal attempts but luckily Sarawak goalkeeper saved all of them.

The Sarawak goalkeeper is indeed a quality player

in football, injuries are unavoidable...

Towards the closing minute Sarawak had few chances

before the whistle, Sarawak almost scored another goal with a beautiful swing style free kick

it struck the post... too bad

overall it was a good game even though low scoring but the atmosphere and experience was worth it. Sarawak will play their next home ground match on the 20th May 4.15pm.

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