Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tribute to Good Health & Good Food

'Organic' is not new. In fact, it is budding as more people substitute parts if not all of their food consumptions with those that are of organic origins. While the types of organic food vary significantly, they are usually chemicals free, which mean no pesticides or preservatives are used.

If you are among those who are still on the fence, one good place to start; either to reaffirm your beliefs or allow yourself to be convinced would be the Organic Food & Fruity Buffet at Meisan Restaurant of Grand Magherita Hotel. It is available from Monday to Thursday in the month of April.

Dinners can either start with appetizers, salad, and soup or linger at the juice station as their chef prepares squeezed or blended juice on the spot.

Appetizers in the likes of Shisamo with Lemon Coullis, Fruity Sushi & Maki, Roasted tomato with Feta Cheese & Tapenade as well as Marinated Chicken Tikka & Tomato Salsa are hard to resist while the salad bar temps you with the choice of refreshing Melon Bowl with Mint, Smoke chicken with cucumber and a selection of gourmet lettuces and dressings for you to whipped up your own gourmet salad.

freshly baked organic bread

The sprawling buffet then extends to the main course where diners will indulge in the selection of Chawan Mushi with mushroom, steamed Garoupa fillet with king soya sauce, wok fried prawn with pumpkin seed, oven baked crab with cheese and many more...

Roasted duck with black cherry..

oven baked crab with cheese

Wok fried prawn with pumpkin seed

Even the sweets are dependently excellent as the outstanding flavours and inventive choices put healthy desserts on the line-up.

highly recommended....very delicious...


Durian Mousse with chocolate....

Break convention by giving the Organic Food &Fruity buffet a try today. For all you know, it could happen to be just the missing link in your healthy diet.

For reservation of seats please call 082-423111 ext 1109/1158.

*There's more variety of food which i didn't take photo of... all photos are mostly taken using EFS 60mm f2.8 macro lens.

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