Sunday, March 13, 2011

EOS Academy: Basic Photography Class March 2011

Once again March's Basic Photography Class from Canon EOS Academy had received a very good response with 27 participants.

As usual before the class dismiss we'll have a group photo together. This is the biggest group so far as usually I would limit the class to maximum 24 participants.

I was sick and my throat wasn't feel so well.. so my sense of humour also din't work well. haha.
Overall it was done successfully. Looking forward for the next class in April....

and in May we gonna have Essential Photography workshop with practical shooting experience with professional photography & models!


  1. *gasp* Such a big crowd!

    Congratz on the again successful workshop of yours~!

  2. Hi, I like to join the May workshop. Thanks.

  3. Kally: thanks..ya it was the biggest group

    JN: will announced the workshop date soon, keep check for updates. thanks.