Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why you should buy G12

The Canon Powershot G12 is a very powerful camera, suitable for enthusiast & professional photographer as a compact companion.

A solid build body, good grip, dedicated dials and many more...

The articulated LCD screen is really useful, and able to shoot in different angle & see things at different perspective. The Canon EOS 60D is the only DSLR having the same vari-angle LCD

With the dedicated exposure, ISO, and dials to change shutter speed & aperture settings, this camera is great for manual mode lovers. Having the hot shoe on top, it's compatible with Canon speedlite and also third party flash gun.

With its underwater casing, divers can go as deep as 40m to take stunning photos of the underwater creatures.

Photo by William Tan

What i love about G12:
  • The ZERO cm macro.....
  • The various creative modes available in scene mode
  • The flexiblity to shoot manual exposure and compatible with EOS speedlite system
  • Digic 4 processor and a High sensitivity CMOS sensor
  • The solid built body as a secondary camera beside EOS dslr cameras
  • The colors are vibrantly sharp
Miniature effect, one of the creative mode

Focus distance is ZERO cm

G12 is not about taking pictures.... It has a HD video included too.

My friend, Gerald is really creative, he shot this video using G12.

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